Do your MOSCOT specs need a little TLC? Let us know of any damage to your frames, and we'll repair ‘em! You may visit any MOSCOT Shop for your repair or refresh needs. Find a shop near you here.

Not close to a Shop? Email with the subject line “Repair Inquiry” and the following details:


  • MOSCOT.COM order number, or if purchased at a Shop, invoice #
  • If purchased at a Shop or authorized MOSCOT stockist, name and location where the original purchase was made
  • Reason for repair
  • Clear images of the frames, including close-ups of the damage or reason(s) for repair, and hinges


        Once we have peeked at the repair inquiry, we kindly request that you send your frames, enclosed with a copy of the repair inquiry, and provided, signed Repair Authorization Form to our warehouse. Once received, we confirm and finalize the order.
        In addition, we are always happy to provide the following complimentary services:

        • Cleaning – with Sol's Secret Sauce keeps frames sparkling!
        • Buffing – reduces the appearance of light scratches on frames
        • Replacing – tightening any loose screws for the perfect fit on your face
        • Aligning – your frames so they're sittin’ just right!

        *Please keep in mind that repaired frames are not eligible for return 


        A few examples include:
        • Acetate temples (sold in pairs): $165
        • Cable temples:  $170


        Please note there is a return shipping cost for the frames. We offer the following shipping methods:

        • UPS Ground: $12
        • UPS 2-Day: $25
        • UPS Overnight: $35
        • UPS Standard (Canada Only): $35
        • International Flat-Rate: $65 *Does not include VAT/customs duties



        Check out our processing timelines below! Please note these are for MOSCOT.COM orders:

        Repair Processing Timelines
        New Temples: 2-3 Business Days
        New Frame Front: 2-3 Business Days
        Adjustment: 2 Business Days
        Buffing: 8-10 Business Days
        Custom Nose Pads: 8-10 Business Days
        Readers: 3-4 Business Days
        Sunglass Lens Non-Rx: 4-5 Business Days
        Sunglass Non-Rx Polarized: 1-2 Business Days
        Sunglass Lens w/Rx: 3-4 Business Days (Stock Lens), 8-10 Business Days (Special Order Lens)
        Sunglass Lens w/Rx + Polarized: 8-10 Business Days
        Plano Lenses: 3-4 Business Days
        Plano + Blue Protect: 3-4 Business Days
        Plano + Transitions: 8-10 Business Days
        Single Vision Lenses: 3-4 Business Days
        Single Vision Lenses + Blue Protect: 4-5 Business Days
        Single Vision Lenses + Hi-Index: 8-10 Business Days
        Single Vision Lenses + Transitions: 8-10 Business Days
        Progressive Lenses: 8-10 Business Days
        Progressive Lenses + Blue Protect: 8-10 Business Days
        Progressive Lenses + Hi-Index: 8-10 Business Days
        Progressive Lenses+ Transitions: 8-10 Business Days
        Any Rx + Prism: 8-10 Business Days
        Custom Made Tints: Solid Colors (Pre-made): 3-4 Business Days
        Custom Made Tints: Gradient: 4-5 Business Days
        Custom Made Tints + Rx: 8-10 Business Days