What’s in a Name? A MOSCOT Frame Name, That is…

  • Posted 09/20/2017

The MOSCOT Originals Collection, based on styles from the Moscot family archives from the 1930s – 1970s, celebrates the classic good looks and timeless design born in decades past. MOSCOT Originals, staying true to their heritage, are named after MOSCOT family members and reflect on family sayings, loyal customers, and memorable characters the Moscot’s have met over the decades years. If it is not a MOSCOT, it is not an Original.

The MOSCOT Spirit frames honor the present, our extended family of employees, children, friends and fans that inspire us every day. We want to share a few of our favorites so you can see the name and spirit behind the frame! Because, after all, good genes run in the family!

The ARTHUR:  Our Union Square Shop Manager, Arthur Rodriguez, is not only the bassist for our MOSCOT house band, but also a 20+ year employee! That alone deserves the honor of having a frame named after him.  Rock on, Art!

The DEVON:  New for Fall 2017, The DEVON, a wild child of sorts, draws inspiration from the 60s, 70s and 80s. A true artisan with a strong creative vibe, The DEVON remains young at heart and in mind, no matter what decade you’re grooving to. Our graphic designer, Devon Storm, holds true to this name.

The JASPER:  New for Fall 2017, this versatile aviator is named for our MOSCOT mascot and CDO (Chief Dog Officer), Jasper Moscot. A modern-day pup who talks the talk and walks the walk, The JASPER will have both guys and gals alike swooning for more.

The HYMAN: Named after the man who started it all… Great Grandpa Hyman. This NEBB meets VILDA number, with a few hardware embellishments thrown in, has a tad less attitude, but is definitely no wallflower.

The JOEL: Third Generation Joel Moscot was always suited, booted, and dressed to the nines while presiding over The House of MOSCOT.  He was famous for his attention to detail as a meticulous dresser, and an equally savvy businessman.  For the dapper gentleman, we give you — The JOEL.

The KATE:  New for Fall 2017, The KATE is tried-and-true, easy to wear, and conservative but far from boring…just like our very own Dr. Katelyn Rogerson, for whom this frame is named. Like its kin The BRANDON, KATE and Kate know how to play nice…or rather, knows what looks good on. But don’t take it from us, just ask the doc.

The FRANKIE: With subtle clean lines, and a full-vue shape, The FRANKIE is the epitome of cool, just like our own Frank, aka, Frankie, who has manned the MOSCOT counter for 47+ years and counting! An iconic frame for an iconic man…and a true MOSCOT character.