Silver Bells, Silver Bells!

  • Posted 12/28/2016

Ring-a-ling! Hear them ring! MOSCOT styles in Silver are taking the spotlight this week!

We’re getting ready to ring in the new year with our silver bells, er, we mean styles, that will surely have you jumping for joy. Check out our favorite picks below!



Orchard Street resident and neighbor to Great Grandpa Hyman, Walter Greenbaum was what we call a real “kibister”— an eccentric fellow who liked to talk…all the time…to anyone within earshot…even if they weren’t listening. Fortunately for Walter, Hyman was all ears. In honor of our late kibister, we give you The KIBITS.



Dr. Louis Rosenfeld, of the Lower East Side Rosenfelds, gave back to his neighbors by dispensing medical care for two dollars a pop. He was never fond of his neighborhood appellation “Two Dollar Lou”, so he was greatly relieved when Great Grandpa Hyman anointed him “Little Dov” instead. This one’s for you Doc.


The SPIEL Clip Package

Victor may have sold belts, scarves, and gloves at his Lower East Side shop, but the “spiel” that accompanied each sale was free of charge. This frame is our ode to Victor…and that’s our spiel.



Inspired by 1860s Post-Civil War era spectacles, The KLEYN is named for Great Grandpa Hyman’s revered tutor, Professor Seymour Klein, who taught English to newly arrived immigrants. Never to quibble over trivial concerns, Professor Klein settled for Kleyn when his students consistently failed to master the correct spelling of his name.



With its big square shape, added height, and gold clip-on with top bar, The SCHLEP is so good looking, and looks so hot on, people will be lining up to schlep your sh…stuff.


Named for our strapping and unconventional uncle, Uncle ZULU Pushkin, who was a runner for a famed New York bookie back in the day. This square-shaped frame is strong and sturdy so it can really take a beating—urban or otherwise, if you catch our drift.