• Posted 06/19/2017

A lot has changed at Coney Island since 1967.  The rides, the scenery, the ever-so-long boardwalk and famous Wonder wheel, even the beach.  It’s also been 50 years, since 4thGeneration Harvey Moscot had visited the iconic NYC landmark with his Grandfather, 2nd Generation, Sol Moscot.  This time around it was Harvey, accompanied by 5th Generation, Zack Moscot and duo spent the day soaking in all the culture and attractions that Coney Island offers.  Harvey teaching Zack about what was once there when he was a boy, like the animals he used to feed with his Grandpa Sol, and how badly he wanted to ride the Tornado and Thunderbolt. They also noticed the similarities the destination has with MOSCOT.  Not only were they both historical landmarks in NYC, they both have a deep history and heritage rich in culture, family, and memories.  They also noticed how cool the Zoltar would look in the Lower East Side shop, until they snatched up a nasty fortune from the game.  After a few rides and games (Zack won – sorry Harvey!) they decided to build the MOSCOT Summer windows, with Coney Island in mind, and showcase it around the world.   The #MOSCOTCarnival brings back a 50-year-old memory and shares it with the world!   And yes, we still want the Zoltar for Orchard Street.