• Posted 11/23/2015
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GQ has named MOSCOT as one of The 13 Best Speciality Shops in the Country—WOW! GQ released their “GQ 100” today, listing the “top houses of accessories, finishing touches, and smell-goods, where the staff of experts knows every little thing about all the little things.” Among notable brands like MiN New York and Leffot, we’re proud to share the rep’ for NYC! Noted for our “eclectic” style frames, “with trays that run the optical gamut from classic preppy horned-rims to Jimi Hendrix reflective funk,” Mike Hofman truly encapsulates what MOSCOT has been serving for 100 years. We are honored!

We’d like to give a warm THANK YOU to GQ for naming us as one of the best speciality shops in America! Check out the full story here:


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