• Posted 09/24/2015

We’re super excited to announce five NEW MOSCOT Originals for Fall 2015: The AIDIM, BREN, KEPPE, ZAYDE, and ZETZ! Whoop!

These classic, iconic styles, pulled straight from the Moscot family archives, feature clean, tailored lines, and handsome, enduring shapes that have stood the test of time — in a word, CLASSICONIC™.

Yep, you heard us…coined by Harvey Moscot himself, “classiconic” is the conflation of classic and iconic, and embodies the true essence of MOSCOT and The MOSCOT Originals Collection.

 Fall 2015

Introducing The Fall 2015 MOSCOT Originals Collection:

Fall 2015


Hyman’s son-in-law Hal (aka, his “aidim”) was a nice enough cat, but his work ethic was, well…non-existent. So after a brief stint behind the Orchard Street counter, Hyman encouraged Hal to pursue “other opportunities.”  Hyman felt guilty. Hal was never happier. We named this frame to honor all The AIDIMs out there, and the father-in-laws who’ve sent them on their way.

 The AIDIM is available in sizes 48 and 51 and in colors Black/Silver and Tortoise/Gold.

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Fall 2015


We named The BREN for our beloved, longtime employee, Ida Wax, who worked for 40 years at MOSCOT from the 1960s through 1990s. A “Bren” incarnate, she was a firecracker of a woman – charismatic and full of energy – and an inspiration to everyone who knew and loved her.

The BREN is available in sizes 49 and 51 and in colors Black and Classic Havana.

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Fall 2015


Big and bold with exaggerated paddle temples, Poppy Joel used to put The KEPPE in our Orchard Street Shop window to grab people’s attention as they strolled by. Three generations later, Moscot product designer, and Poppy Joel’s grandson, Zack brings The KEPPE back to our Shop windows…we can’t help ourselves…we love the attention.

The KEPPE is available in sizes 45 and 48 and in colors Black and Dark Blonde.

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Fall 2015


The ZAYDE may be bold and draw attention to itself — just like your grandfather — but our ZAYDE is old school, not old timey. With its classic square shape, and sharp edges around the bridge to give it extra character, this is one time you won’t mind being called a grandpa (or grandma).

The ZAYDE is available in sizes 49 and 51 and in colors Black and Dark Havana.

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Fall 2015


Back in the days of yore, when the Lower East Side was more rough and tumble than cocktails and tapas, MOSCOT’s resident optometrist, Dr. Richard Fleisig, aka “Dr. Zetz,” did double duty: provide excellent eye care to patients, and punch (hence his moniker) bad guys — tasks that were (almost always) mutually exclusive. Like Dr. Zetz, this strong, sturdy frame is a knockout.

The ZETZ is available in sizes 49 and 51 and colors Black and Brown Ash.

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