Hot Frame in the City Part III

  • Posted 07/20/2016

Are the city’s sweltering streets making you melt? Do you need a break from the frigid air conditioned air in your office building? Whether you’re too hot or too cold, or both, New York City’s Central Park is our go-to oasis for nature the way it was intended…in a city. This week, we’re ditching our to-do lists, grabbing our picnic baskets and making our way over to a shady spot on the green, for a carefree picnic with The AIDIM Sunglass!

A combination acetate/wire frame sunglass, The AIDIM is the perfect partner in crime for escaping the concrete jungle, and getting back to the basics.

From one classic to another…

Hot frame in the city,

Hot frame in the city,

Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty,

Hot frame in the city.

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Central Park