Gifts for Dad He’ll Actually Use!

  • Posted 06/10/2016
Father's Day Post

Father's Day

Versatile and easy to attach, MOSCOT Clip-ons are the perfect gift for dads that already own an accompanying MOSCOT frame, including The ALEXARTHUR, FRANKIE, GELTLEMTOSHLEMTOSH smart, MILTZEN, STEVIE, and ZEV.

For those who don’t already have a MOSCOT frame, what better occasion than Father’s Day for you and your sibling(s) to pitch in and get dad the whole package!

Convenient and compact, MOSCOT Clip-ons will turn your dad’s frames into a 2-in-1 deal he’ll love! Perfect for dads on the go, dads with small kids, or dads that just can’t seem to bother switching from their prescription frame to their sunglasses on sunny summer days.

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Father's Day

The LEMTOSH in Blonde with CLIPTOSH in Gold

Father's Day

The MILTZEN in Crystal with CLIPZEN in Gold