• Posted 07/30/2015

As most of our fans know…MOSCOT is a 100 year old, five generation family business. But your last name doesn’t have to be Moscot to be considered part of our family! We wouldn’t be who we are without our awesome MOSCOT family members who keep our MOSCOT Shops humming!

Everyone, meet Brett!


  1. What is your position at MOSCOT?


What don’t I do at MOSCOT…LOL. My titled position is that of a Frame Fit Specialist. However, it’s really a unique company in that we all have the opportunity to wear many different hats. I’ve done everything from fun voice overs for our online commercials, to modeling in one of our international ad campaigns.


  1. How long have you worked for MOSCOT?


Three years.


  1. What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?


The fans. We get the most interesting people, from all walks of life, from literally all over the world in our Shops every day. You just never know whom you will meet on any given day.


  1. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?


Create. I write and produce an awesome comedic web series called “Brett and the City.” A quirky, raunchy little New York City-based comedy. I swear Harvey Moscot is actually one of the series’ biggest fans. I’m thrilled that he takes such an interest in the project, in addition to being one of the show’s main fashion sponsors.


  1. What is your favorite frame/ what frame do you wear?


My favorite frame is The FRANKIE.  I wear The LEMTOSH and The YOSI the most.


  1. Where would you take your favorite MOSCOT Sun on vacation?


Anguilla, hands down.  It’s such a magical place.


  1. What is your most memorable MOSCOT moment?


Singing with our MOSCOT band THE MOSCOT ALL STARS.  We have an awesome cover band that even Harvey Moscot is part of. He plays the lead guitar. Even though I’m not a singer, they’ve somehow convinced me to be the lead singer. Our last holiday show was awesome! It really was a moment in time for me.