Get Back-to-School Ready with MOSCOT KINDER Collection!

  • Posted 09/25/2015

Poor vision can cause negative effects on a child in school including: inability to see the board clearly, difficulty concentrating, and trouble studying, all of which can lead to poor academic performance. Poor vision can even affect hand-eye coordination, leading to poor performance in sports!

Don’t confuse a school/pediatrician vision test, which only checks a child’s ability to read an eye chart, with a comprehensive eye exam that assesses FULL EYE HEALTH!

At MOSCOT, our qualified doctors will asses your child(ren)’s complete eye health by performing the following tests:

  • Color vision testing
  • Depth perception testing
  • Eye muscle testing to see if the eyes are working together efficiently
  • Side or peripheral vision testing
  • Measuring internal eye pressure
  • Evaluating the back of the eye (the retina)

Visit MOSCOT in Brooklyn on Court Street for our special Back-to-School packages, which include full eye health exams and frames from our new MOSCOT Kinder Collection!

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Back to school packages are available now:

“Back-to-School” Package A:

Includes Frame, Lenses, & Eye exam – $300*

“Back-to-School” Package B: 

Includes Frame & Lenses – $250*

*Note: “Back-to-School” Packages cannot be combined with other offers, or used with VSP; Lenses limited to Single Vision –6.00 –2.00 cylinder up to +4.00 –2.00 cylinder.