Framework: Behind the Line with Zack Moscot

  • Posted 02/23/2017

We’re on a high following the launch of The MOSCOT Spring/Summer 2017 Collection today! Featuring eight new styles, today’s release is inspired by the Lower East Side of the 1970s.

Chief designer and fifth generation, Zack Moscot, created design concepts based on popular eyewear silhouettes of the 70s, while keeping an eye towards the future by adding refreshing details such as modern construction featuring lightweight metal material. For example¬†The BULVAN, a metal aviator with acetate touches, nods to a turning point in American culture and style during the 1970s, embodying Zack’s inspirational concept of identity and personal expression that was popular of the era, and yet remains relevant today.

Previous MOSCOT Collections featured styles based on the 1940s and 1950s. Moving forward, The MOSCOT Spring/Summer 2017 Collection flashes back to an era when style was autonomous, while staying true to timeless classic shapes the brand is known for.

zack moscot