Kahi Wears MOSCOT

  • Spotted 09/16/2016

Park Ji-young, or better known by her stage name, Kahi, is the former leader of the South Korean girl pop group, After School, before embarking on a solo singing and acting career. In 2000, Kahi was chosen as the main dancer for DJ Doc’s hit song, Run to You, however instant success also brought along stress, forcing her to leave. In 2006, she joined the Korean American girl group, S. Blush, whose first single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Chart in 2007, though the band soon disbanded. In 2009, After School was introduced with Kahi remaining its leader until she left to pursue a solo career. Her recent work includes the lead role of Bonnie in the musical and Korean adaptation of Bonnie & Clyde and was a dance trainer on the girl group survivor show, Produce 101. In 2016, Kahi was spotted sporting The LEMTOSH and a baby bump, giving birth to a son later the same year.

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