Belen Rodriguez Wears MOSCOT

  • Spotted 09/16/2016

Belen Rodriguez, or simply known as Belen, has made her mark in entertainment since moving to Milan in 2004. Hosting several variety shows, with appearances in television, film, and commercials, it will come as no surprise Belen is also a successful model, singer, showgirl, and businesswoman. Her debut acting role in the summer of 2010 was as the female lead in the cinepanettone, Natale in Sudaafrica, directed by Neri Parenti and released in December 2010. Belen continued to star in subsequent films such as, “Se Sei Cosi, Ti Disco Si,” released April 2011, and “Non C’e 2 Senza Te,” released in February 2015. Belen’s career continues to be on the rise, all while sporting The LEMTOSH.

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