Fall 2017: #MOSCOTMoments

We here at MOSCOT always respect our elders.  Chief Design Officer and Fifth Generation Zack Moscot searched the family’s archives as inspiration for our Autumn/Winter 2017 styles.  MOSCOT is proud to introduce six new frames that combine our 102 years of style, eyes for fashion, optical expertise, innovation and authenticity, to create the new CLASSICONIC™ styles for 2017.  They were inspired by the past, conceived in the present, and mark the future.

We are proud to introduce Zack Moscot’s latest creations, which are now available for your viewing pleasure.  The MOSCOT Originals Collection will add The BUPKES, DRIMMEL, and YENTE, while The DEVON, JASPER, and KATE round out the Company’s newest MOSCOT Spirit additions.

The BUPKES and DRIMMEL include an intricate metal diamond texturing, which is a new feature on our metal frames. The JASPER is a new take on our classic aviators, and the DEVON, the wild child of the bunch, draws its artsy inspiration from the 60s and 70s. Launching exclusively for those of us with two x chromosomes, the YENTE and The KATE emerge with not only new shapes, but with color offerings never seen before. Both styles are available in Kaleidoscope, a true mirage of colors that changes based on angle and lighting. And the KATE debuts in Cranberry, a hue that grows richer as it sees the light. Great-great grandpa Hyman would be proud.

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Hyman would be proud.

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