MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™

MOSCOT has been custom tinting lenses for decades, using a variety of handmade, dip-dying techniques. Now available for The LEMTOSH, MILTZEN, SHTARKER, ZEV, ZOLMAN, CLIPTOSH, and CLIPZEN in 20 unique colorways, Custom Made Tints™ are currently available on MOSCOT.COM and MOSCOT Shops around the globe! Shop now for new custom made glasses!

MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™

Fun fact! 4th Generation Harvey Moscot’s first job was tinting in the lab!

With 20 unique tint options to choose from, tinted lens preferences may change depending on style, fashion, or purpose. Grey and Green tinted glasses (American Grey Fade, Calibar Green, G-15) are considered neutral as they allow the eyes to perceive color in their truest form. Brown lenses (Cosmitan Brown) provide contrast and minimize eyestrain. Yellow (Mellow Yellow) is ideal for object definition, while Amber may make distant objects appear more distinct—especially in snow or haze. Vermillion lenses (Big Apple Fade, Cabernet) provide color perception and contrast in low light. Try a unique look with rose tinted glasses, yellow tinted glasses, or blue tinted glasses! 

MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™

The MOSCOT smart Drive Package for The LEMTOSH is the apex of fun and function with three different Clip-On Lens combinations for optimum optics while driving: a Silver Clip with Vermillion Lenses for overcast conditions; a Matte Yellow Clip with polarized G-15 Lenses for sunny conditions, and a Black Clip with high contrast Yellow Lenses for night conditions all housed in a soft and functional, tri-fold case.

MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™

A look back on the history of tinted lenses:

The first tinted glasses appeared in the 1800s on protective steel spectacles with Viridian Green Glass lenses to correct various vision impairments. They were primarily designed to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.

By 1904, American Automobile Goggles grew in popularity as tinted sunglasses as necessary protective accessories to keep riders comfortable, safe, and clean. The 1930s brought on a new wave of American Glass Sunglasses with Calibar Green lenses in the forefront of style and technology. In the 1940s, lenses in red, green, blue, or yellow tints were matched with frames to compliment skin and hair colors, and in some cases, were thought to correct mood or medical illnesses. By the 1960s, a variety of lens colors grew in popularity, in MOSCOT shades like Big Apple Fade, Mellow Yellow, Denim Blue, Limelight, and American Grey Fade. In addition to making a fashion statement, tinted shades in the ‘80s were chosen to highlight eyes or cheeks and soften surface reflections.

Fashion tints are still quite popular today in a wide range of colorways, styles, and functions, and can be seen on MOSCOT fans from Cristiano Ronaldo in The LEMTOSH with Purple Nurple Custom Made Tint™ to Elton John in a rose pink tinted BUPKES! MOSCOT is eager to help you find what color tint is best for glasses.

Get your tint on by visiting MOSCOT.COM or your nearest MOSCOT Shop!

Shop Custom Made Tints™ for The LEMTOSH, The MILTZEN, The SHARTKER, The ZEV, The CLIPTOSH, and CLIPZEN here. Have further customization questions? We’re here to help! Contact a MOSCOT frame fit specialist at or by calling (866) MOSCOTS!

MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™

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