Introducing: MOSCOT + Ascari Limited Edition LEMTOSH

A new venture in luxurious craftsmanship, MOSCOT + Ascari offers up a reappraised version of The LEMTOSH – a collaboration between Zack Moscot (5th Generation), and Helio Ascari. This elevated LEMTOSH features high-quality leather that is hand-wrapped on the temples—a signature accent of Helio Ascari and his handmade bespoke bicycles crafted in Brooklyn.

This exclusive LEMTOSH features custom, high-quality leather, hand-wrapped for your temples, a signature accent of Ascari Bicycles and their bespoke spokes. Two grand brands are now bound together, riding in tandem – Great Great Grandpa Hyman would have been impressed!


Tapping in to the craftsmanship and heritage of two families’ passions, you’ll be cycling through summer, protecting your gaze from the glare in this elevated accessory rendered by the hands of artisanal experts.

Offered as a limited release, of only 50 pairs, each MOSCOT + Ascari piece will be numbered 1 through 50.

Available in both an optical and sunglass, this Limited Edition LEMTOSH comes in tortoiseshell with gold accents and leather wrapped temples in size 46. The sunglass features real mineral glass lenses.

Available exclusively at MOSCOT shops, and

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