Low Bridge Fit

What Does Low Bridge Fit Mean?

Get your perfect fit! With over 100 years of optical expertise, we know not every frame fits the same way. MOSCOT offers low bridge fit frames so that you can find the right frame for your face.

First things first, what exactly is a low bridge fit? Low bridge fit glasses are glasses designed for those with a lower nose bridge. They’re specially made to fit more comfortably on the face without slipping. So, pushing up your glasses will soon become a thing of the past! Our low bridge fit glasses come with additional support in the form of silicone or metal nose pads, so your glasses have even more grip. They’re available in the same great styles, and in fits to suit you!

We know that one size frame does not fit all, just as one bridge does not fit all. With low bridge fit, we provide an extension of fit offerings so that you can find the right fit for your face.

Bridge Fits

At MOSCOT, we offer a number of different bridge fit options, including acetate, step-down, and metal.

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  • Classic Acetate Nose pads:
    • Made from acetate
    • Comfortable, classic fit
  • Step-down Nose pads:
    • Made from acetate
    • Extended step-down design adds support to ensure the frame sits where it should without slipping down the nose
    • Recommended for those drawn to the look of acetate nose pads, but with the added support for less prominent or narrow nose bridges
  • Metal Nose pads:
    • Made from metal and silicone
    • Soft and flexible for maximum comfort
    • Recommended for those needing additional support for less prominent nose bridges or desiring more grip with the addition of silicone nose pads

What's different about low bridge glasses?

Low bridge fit glasses are designed slightly differently from regular glasses, to offer increased grip and ensure your glasses don’t fall down your face. They feature larger nose pads with additional support, which rest on the side of the nose rather than directly on the slope of the nose. This means, if your nose bridge is lower, you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling. In terms of aesthetics, low bridge fit glasses offer the same style and visual appeal as regular eyeglasses – just with additional nose pads to ensure a better fit.

What are the benefits of low bridge glasses?

All faces are shaped differently, so glasses need to adapt to suit different features. This is precisely the case with low bridge glasses. Some of the key benefits of low bridge glasses are:

  • No more slipping. Low bridge glasses are expertly designed to reduce movement and slipping, so you can say goodbye to your glasses falling down your nose or resting on your cheeks.
  • Increased comfort. Regular glasses may feel uncomfortable if you have a lower nose bridge, and you may experience pinching on your nose or cheeks. With increased grip, low bridge glasses will stay put all day so that you can enjoy long-lasting comfort.

How do I know if I need low bridge fit glasses?

If you find yourself pushing up your glasses regularly, it may be worth checking out a pair of low bridge glasses. If your glasses tend to rest on your cheekbones when you talk or smile, low bridge glasses could also be an excellent option for you.

You can carry out a simple test in the mirror to determine whether you have a low nose bridge and need low bridge fit glasses. If the slope of your nose is either level with or lower than your pupils, a low bridge fit will help keep your glasses in place.

What style low bridge fit glasses are available?

You should never have to compromise comfort for style, and with our range of fashionable low bridge fit glasses, you can choose from styles you love. At MOSCOT, our low bridge fit glasses are available in some of our most popular designs, including the LEMTOSH, MILTZEN, NEBB, and FRANKIE.

Size matters: Understanding the sizing of your bridge fit glasses

Check out Low Bridge Fit
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Check out Low Bridge Fit


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