Limited Edition: New York Rose Tint

Dedicated to the optimism of New Yorkers and inspired by the charm of the state flower, MOSCOT’s New York Rose Custom Made Tint™ pays tribute to the love affair between the city and its inhabitants. The dusty pink tint is handmade and dip-dyed to capture the patinaed romance of the city while honoring the downtown DNA of The Moscot Family after 105 years in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The LEMTOSH-TT New York Rose Tint

The collectible tint is available in The ARTHUR, The LEMTOSH-TT SE, and The MILTZEN in Crystal, and exclusively available on MOSCOT.COM. For a taste of optimism, and a touch of romance, try seeing the world through MOSCOT’s New York Rose colored glasses!

The ARTHUR New York Rose Tint

The MILTZEN New York Rose Tint

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