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 MOSCOT unveils 6 new classiconic™


MOSCOT unveils 6 new classiconic™ designs in a new campaign centered on the austere quirkiness and humble humor of the brand. The new Fall-Winter 2022 selection is a collection of frames that know no place, nor time, but that transcends cultures, peoples, and places.





Fashion meets humor in MOSCOT’s Fall-Winter 2022 Campaign, juxtaposing formal wear and ‘60s inspired eyewear with spiraling motifs on a black and white set. Drawing on quirky details and the visual perception of optical illusions, the campaign utilizes color, light, and pattern to speak to the new eye-catching designs.


“New York’s fashion and style is a reflection and celebration of oneself,” shares Chief Design Officer and 5th Generation, Zack Moscot. “With this philosophy in mind, I was immediately brought back to the ethos of self-expression and counterculture in the sixties.” While beginning the design process of this new collection, 4th Generation Harvey Moscot would often send pictures of silhouettes featured in old movies and classic television shows, inspiring the designer to dig into physical and digital archives from decades past. “I took the shapes of the era combined with our heritage design and modern details (think Custom Made Tints™) and made a classically MOSCOT collection.” he adds.

 MOSCOT unveils 6 new classiconic™

 The new collection features unique design details like the wrap-around frame front of The NUDNIK, the striped metal skiving on The SMENDRIK, and combination metal and acetate construction on The PITSEL.

Take a closer look and explore the new collection. 


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