Fall 2019 - The Originals Live On!

The Fall 2019 campaign is inspired by the legacy of originals that live on!

The MISH SUN and FRITZ SUN pictured above.

After over a century in downtown NYC, MOSCOT has seen many evolutions, but the constant appreciation of classic design and original form continues to endure. Staying true to the family heritage and generational legacy, the new Fall-Winter campaign captures moments of father & daughter duo Frank Ferrer, of Guns N’ Roses, and his daughter, model, musician & MOSCOT team member Olivia Ferrer.

The TELENA pictured above.

Shot on location in and around MOSCOT’s Lower East Side flagship shop, where living history is still alive and well, MOSCOT pays homage to the past with an eye on the future. Featured in the campaign are like-minded establishments: TR Crandall Guitars, I Need More, Strand Book Store, and the mom-and-pop shops that are the building blocks New York City was founded upon.

The FRITZ SUN pictured above.

The original downtown NYC story comes to life with 6 bold new frames consisting of a rich palette with tones of butterscotch, tortoise, black, and combinations of matte & shiny metal finishes. Many of the new styles play on perspective – The TELENA and The FRITZ, for example, are thick & chunky from the front at first glance, yet unexpectedly slim and sleek in profile.

 The LES SUN and FRITZ SUN pictured above.

The Originals live on!

The NOODGE SUN pictured above.

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