• Posted 07/25/2017

Seatbelt: Check.

Headlights: Check.

Hands at 10 and 2: Not really, but check.

Night Vision Glasses: Um, what!?


Yes, you heard it here –  and from 4th Generation, Dr. Harvey Moscot,  “Lighting conditions change – so should the color of your lenses!”  says Dr. Moscot.  At night, our pupils enlarge, causing excess glare- which in fact makes seeing at night more difficult.

Translation: you need, the MOSCOT Drive Package.

The MOSCOT Drive Package is the apex of fun and function with three different Clip-on Lens combinations for optimum optics while driving: a Silver Clip with Vermillion Lenses for overcast conditions; a Matte Yellow Clip with polarized G-15 Lenses for sunny conditions, and a Black Clip with high contrast Yellow Lenses for night conditions all housed in a soft and functional, tri-fold case.


Take that, Mother Nature! Oh, and thanks for nothin’ drivers ed.


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