100 Years, 100 Frames, 100 WINNERS!

  • Posted 05/22/2015
MOSCOT 100 Frames_Winners

MOSCOT 100 Frames_Winners

Congratulations to ALL of our Instagram fans who won a free LEMTOSH smart Sunglass, from our 100 Years, 100 Frames Giveaway AND a BIG THANK YOU to ALL of our fans who submitted a birthday-gram in honor of our 100 Year Anniversary!!!

Our judges were blown away by your creativity, thoughtfulness, and ingenuity—and they’ll be the first to admit, the judging and selection process was not easy! Looking through all of the photos, drawings, videos, and kind words, we are so thankful and humbled to have such awesome fans! THANK YOU for the last 100 years and for making this particular year, extra special!

Check out our winners online at MOSCOT100frames.com.