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In celebration of our newest 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection, our fabulous stockists, Eye Society, are hosting a MOSCOT Trunk Show, next Thursday, March 28th…WHOOP!

Stop by Municipal Winemakers at the Funk Zone, Santa Barbara, from 5PM to 9PM, to see what all the buzz is about!

MOSCOT, food, drinks, and secret special giveaways….in sunny Santa Barbara no less! Not too shabby! 

To peruse our 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection online, click here.

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We're super excited to announce the newest addition to the MOSCOT family — the Atelier of Mexican fashion designer, MACARIO JIMENEZ, located in sunny Mexico City! We are thrilled and incredibly humbled to have been chosen as the only eyewear brand for its by-appointment-only showroom. For more information, check out www.macariojimenez.com!

The super cool fashion shop, Mauro Grifoni, kept its doors open late for one night only, to launch our Limited Edition LEMTOSH in Matte Black — sold exclusively through Mauro Grifoni shops all across Italy!

A fan, friend, and stockist of MOSCOT, Mauro Grifoni, known for its cutting edge style and unique sense of fashion, was host to a bevy of press, fans, and Italian glitterati, as we celebrated this special launch, in the heart of fashion capital, Milan! 

A BIG thank you to Mauro Grifoni for an awesome collaboration and super cool party to boot, as well as to our hard working Italian distributor, Baumvision Europe, and Italian PR firm, Clara Garcovich! What a night, ladies and gents…and all the more memorable in our books! For more pictures, see below. 

To shop The LEMTOSH
 in Matte Black, please visit www.maurogrifoni.com for a list of shop locations.

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Team MOSCOT is back from Milan, Italy and the launch of our 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection….and wow, what a launch it was!

With our larger-than-life Sun models bobbing above us in the booth…aka, New York City's East River…aka, a pool in Long Island, we had a blast introducing our newest Collection (and some old favorites too, of course!!) to our distribution partners, retail shops, and press from all over the world — from Australia, to Thailand, to Mexico…and more!

We are incredibly humbled by all of the positive feedback we've received and are so happy to have been a part of such an amazing show — in Milano, no less! Below are a few snapshots of the many people who made MIDO 2013, one of our best trips yet! Until next year, i miei amici…addio!

PS. And in case you were wondering who are models are - we like to keep it in the family - one is a MOSCOT Patient Coordinator, one is a MOSCOT Frame Fit Specialist, one is our Art Director's sister, one is our Sales Rep for Poland, and two are MOSCOT employee's friends - FUN!  


If you're in Italy the next couple of weeks…you're in luck! We've teamed up with Italian fashion shop, Mauro Grifoni, for a Special Edition LEMTOSH in Matte Black! 

With corresponding matte hardware and Cosmitan Brown glass lenses, the Special Edition LEMTOSH will be sold exclusively through Mauro Grifoni shopsand there are less than 100 of them! 

The frames debut March 3, 2013 at Mauro Grifoni’s flagship shop in Milan, coinciding with a month long MOSCOT installation. Visit maurogrifoni.com for a complete list of shops and get 'em while they're hot!  


MIDO…one of the biggest optical trade shows in the world, boasting 1100 exhibitors and over 42,000 international visitors…is here…and Team MOSCOT is ready, set, going! 

We're heading off to beautiful Milano (aka, Milan) this week to launch our awesome new 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection, and we couldn't be more excited! WHOOP!

We've been taking our vitamins, pumping iron, and picking our best outfits in preparation for MIDO, where we'll spend three super long, super busy, but super fun days and nights introducing our newest Collections (and perennial favorites) to our awesome distribution partners, retailers and fans from all over the world! And, friends and fans here in the US…stay tuned! We're launching simultaneously here in NYC! 

The 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection (and our new Sun Campaign and Style Guide) will be available in our NYC shops and online at moscot.com, Friday, March 1st!

And if you're in Milan, visit us at MIDO March 2-4!

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We're bringing a little more sunshine (if that's even possible) to Guadalajara, Mexico, aka The Pearl of the West, where MOSCOT is now available at super chic and super cool shop, Misen & Co.!

Founded in 2000 by the fabulous owner, Lucrecia, Misen & Co. is the number one eyewear boutique in Guadalajara, stocking a small selection of brands known for their history, unique aesthetic, and fashion-forward style…MOSCOT now being one of them…WHOOP! And, with a Company mission very much like our own, Misen & Co. strives to provide the most excellent customer service out there. DOUBLE WHOOP!

We're thrilled to welcome Misen & Co. to the MOSCOT family…check 'em out at www.misenandares.com or on Facebook at Misen & Co.

Combining vintage furnishings, quirky tchotchkes, historical photos, and MOSCOT mannequin heads, E-V-I Corporation, our most excellent Japanese distribution partner, created a literal mini MOSCOT at Rooms 26 last week, one of Tokyo's most important fashion exhibitions!

どうもありがとうございました (thank you very much) to E-V-I Corporation for making MOSCOT proud! We were blown away!

Check out photos of E-V-I's booth here!

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Like/love/want a frame that is no longer available on our website or on our shop floor? Tell us what you're looking for and you just might be in luck! Our Retired frames may no longer be in production, but that doesn't mean they're missing in action. For availability, stop by any one of our NYC Shops*, or get in touch via telephone at 1-866-667-2687, email atcustomerservice@moscot.com, or live chat at www.moscot.com.

*We'll let you in on a tip: Spot our Retired Frames in-store…just take a look on our shelves, behind the sales counter!

A HUGE THANK YOU to designers David Hart, Erin Barr, Ruffian, and Todd Snyder, as well as stylist Bruce Bask at T Magazine, for a completely amazing, super exciting New York City Fashion Week!

MOSCOT had a blast working with these awesome designers, and seeing our frames walk down the runways on models adorned in all of their gorgeous new designs! If Grandma Sylvia, arguably the original fashionista (at least in her own mind), could have been here to see this! WOW! 

We really had a ton of fun, and are so very grateful to have been included! 

David Hart (Left: The ZEV with clip-on, Right: The MANGITO)

Erin Barr (Left: The LEMTOSH Black Crystal, Right: The NEBB in Crystal)

Erin Barr (Left: The IZZY, Right: The NEBB in Crystal)

Ruffian (The EISEN)

Ruffian (The EISEN)

Todd Snyder Presentation

Todd Snyder (Top left: The NEBB; top right: The GRUNYA, NEBB, KOOPA, VILDA, TUMMEL, and LEMTOSH; bottom left: The LEMTOSH Black Crystal; bottom right: The GRUNYA)

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APRIL 5, 2011