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We're bringing a little more sunshine (if that's even possible) to Guadalajara, Mexico, aka The Pearl of the West, where MOSCOT is now available at super chic and super cool shop, Misen & Co.!

Founded in 2000 by the fabulous owner, Lucrecia, Misen & Co. is the number one eyewear boutique in Guadalajara, stocking a small selection of brands known for their history, unique aesthetic, and fashion-forward style…MOSCOT now being one of them…WHOOP! And, with a Company mission very much like our own, Misen & Co. strives to provide the most excellent customer service out there. DOUBLE WHOOP!

We're thrilled to welcome Misen & Co. to the MOSCOT family…check 'em out at www.misenandares.com or on Facebook at Misen & Co.

Combining vintage furnishings, quirky tchotchkes, historical photos, and MOSCOT mannequin heads, E-V-I Corporation, our most excellent Japanese distribution partner, created a literal mini MOSCOT at Rooms 26 last week, one of Tokyo's most important fashion exhibitions!

どうもありがとうございました (thank you very much) to E-V-I Corporation for making MOSCOT proud! We were blown away!

Check out photos of E-V-I's booth here!

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Like/love/want a frame that is no longer available on our website or on our shop floor? Tell us what you're looking for and you just might be in luck! Our Retired frames may no longer be in production, but that doesn't mean they're missing in action. For availability, stop by any one of our NYC Shops*, or get in touch via telephone at 1-866-667-2687, email atcustomerservice@moscot.com, or live chat at www.moscot.com.

*We'll let you in on a tip: Spot our Retired Frames in-store…just take a look on our shelves, behind the sales counter!

A HUGE THANK YOU to designers David Hart, Erin Barr, Ruffian, and Todd Snyder, as well as stylist Bruce Bask at T Magazine, for a completely amazing, super exciting New York City Fashion Week!

MOSCOT had a blast working with these awesome designers, and seeing our frames walk down the runways on models adorned in all of their gorgeous new designs! If Grandma Sylvia, arguably the original fashionista (at least in her own mind), could have been here to see this! WOW! 

We really had a ton of fun, and are so very grateful to have been included! 

David Hart (Left: The ZEV with clip-on, Right: The MANGITO)

Erin Barr (Left: The LEMTOSH Black Crystal, Right: The NEBB in Crystal)

Erin Barr (Left: The IZZY, Right: The NEBB in Crystal)

Ruffian (The EISEN)

Ruffian (The EISEN)

Todd Snyder Presentation

Todd Snyder (Top left: The NEBB; top right: The GRUNYA, NEBB, KOOPA, VILDA, TUMMEL, and LEMTOSH; bottom left: The LEMTOSH Black Crystal; bottom right: The GRUNYA)

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 A litte bit of NYC can be found today on Pelham Street, thanks to Gray & Bull, a super cool retail shop, and the only shop carrying MOSCOT in Nottingham, UK! 

We love, love, love how they've captured the feel, look, and history of MOSCOT, all in one awesome window display! Just take a look-see at the photos below!

We're very grateful and humbled to have such an awesome shop pay such an incredible homage to MOSCOT, and we're proud they are representing our brand! Three cheers and a BIG THANK YOU to our UK distribution partner, Baumvision, and to Gray & Bull for a fantastic display! 


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We're super excited to strut our stuff down the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall runways, thanks to a phalanx of exciting and talented New York City-based designers: David Hart, Erin Barr, Ruffian, and Todd Snyder.

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come...so stayed tuned!

When David Hart was designing his Fall 2013 Collection, he drew inspiration from spies of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Hart noted that the MOSCOT classic frames with tinted lenses were just as important as the clothing, and added the finishing touch to his looks.
Inspired by the Northern woods in her native Wisconsin, MOSCOT is excited to work with Erin Barr for a second season. “Both authentic and fashion-forward, you will see our brands working together to create this great world full of ambiance, sending a strong and confident woman down the runway,” said Barr.
To match the rich color silks of its Fall 2013 Collection, the established and critically acclaimed label, Ruffian, developed custom-dyed lenses for The EISEN, a new style from the Spring 2013 MOSCOT Originals Collection. “The Lower East Side was a key inspiration for our Collection and we are particularly excited that both of our brands share a love for authenticity and history,” said designers, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais.
2012 CFDA Fashion Awards Nominee, Todd Snyder said, “MOSCOT frames are the perfect compliment to our Collection. It infuses an unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic to our modern sensibility.”

For more backstage action and runway excitement at New York Fashion Week, follow us on Facebook.

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Check out this one-of-a-kind, fantastical window display created by the super talented Australian artist, Jed De Pyper, Incu, an awesome fashion store located right in the heart of Sydney, Australia! 

Working with our Australian/New Zealand distribution partner, The Stables, Jed, who is a fan of MOSCOT and wears The YOSI, YUKEL and IPISH, drew inspiration from the artist Moebius for his dreamlike, surreal work of art that features none other than our own, beloved Hyman (in his LEMTOSH!).

For more information on Jed and his inspiration, please check out his interview with Incu here

A giant debt of gratitude to Jed, Incu and The Stables for this beautiful display. Well done, mates…well done! 

Photos courtesy of Trent Williams.


The Windy City, Second City, or Chi-Town…MOSCOT is now available in Lake View, Chicago at Custom Eyes! 

Overlooking Lake Michigan, located on Chicago's North Side and neighboring Wrigley Field, Custom Eyes is owned and operated by Drs. Mike Sculley and Casey Crumbliss, who have been taking care of the local community since 2003. The shop, which offers high quality eye care in a relaxed, casual environment, now carries the full range of MOSCOT Originals! Whoop!

For more information on Custom Eyes, click here.

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The ZEV – Inspired by the British Public Health Services’ “Poor Boy” Spectacles of the 1960s, The ZEV is named for Grandpa Sol’s cousin, and neighborhood lawyer, Zeyfer Braunstein (or Zev for short), who wore this clever, dapper frame (British accent included) when he needed to put his best face forward, helping neighbors whose reputations were on the line, get off the hook. 

Click here for The ZEV



The MAZEL – Suerte, Glück, szerencse, heppni, keberuntungan, ádh mór, fortuna, nasib, Xorti, bahat! Luck comes in all shapes and sizes. Our simple, classic, authentically filigreedMAZEL comes in two sizes, two shapes, and one color...and is far easier to pronounce. Who’s lucky now?

Click here for The MAZEL
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APRIL 5, 2011